Address data structure

Address data is structured by levels and the actual meaning of each level differs by countries.

The table below explains each level and its meaning depending on country specifics.

Table of data levels

Column name Data type Description EST LVA LTU
COUNTRY STRING Country three-letter code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3) EST LVA LTU
LEVEL0 STRING Country name in its official language Eesti Latvija Lietuva
LEVEL1 STRING First level address unit Maakond
Novads or Republikas pilsēta
(county or city = municipality)
LEVEL2 STRING Second level address unit Omavalitsusüksus
(administrative unit: city, rural municipality)
Pagasts or pilsēta
(parish or town)
LEVEL3 STRING Third level address unit Asustusüksus
(settlement unit: village, borough or city district)
Apdzīvota vieta (pilsēta or ciems)
(populated place)
LEVEL4 STRING Fourth level address unit Väikekoht
(territorial address unit: mainly old gardening cooperatives, where houses are numbered randomly)
Miestas, miestelis or kaimas
(city, town or village)
LEVEL5 STRING Fifth level address unit Liikluspind
(traffic surface: street, road alley etc)
Mājas numurs/nosaukums
(house number)
LEVEL6 STRING Sixth level address unit Aadressiobjekti nimi
(address object name: land unit or farm name)
House number or (very rare) house name
LEVEL7 STRING Seventh level address unit Aadressiobjekti number
(address object number: house number)
LEVEL8 STRING Eighth level address unit
LEVEL9 STRING Ninth level address unit
LEVEL10 STRING Tenth level address unit